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Some people had fun on the work day 2 on Saturday. See ‘Park 1 Hedge 0’ in News to read the full report.



The gym will be open this Saturday from 1.30 until 3.00pm, then 6.00 – 8.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays before training, each for very limited numbers (4 in each room). This will then be reviewed with the hope that we can make it more available. We are, however, a rugby club, not a commercial gym, and will not be able to be open unsupervised.

As with training, you must book in advance, members only, using either or contacting Terry Read. (If you are a gym member who has let membership lapse because gym is closed you must re-join). Register at entrance. Temperatures taken.

Come changed, bring own water, wash/disinfect before and after, keep distancing. Bring own towel and sanitiser and wipes.

Government Rules state equipment needs to be 2m apart with 9 square metres per person. No music, no showers, toilets are available via one-way system.

There will be tubs of wipes alongside all equipment so user wipes down before and after use.

No spotters


All activities will come under strict rules

As an employer, venue and club, Charlton Park RFC has a legal responsibility to protect workers, visitors and our members from risk to their health and safety. This means we need to think about the risks they face and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

To this end we have completed an Action Plan – ‘Operating safely during COVID-19’, which will be reviewed regularly as the situation changes.

Any activity held at the club, whether run by club members or visitors, must meet the requirements specified in that plan. So, if you are intending to organise an event you must confirm that you are following our rules by contacting Andy Potts, Hon. Club Secretary at or on 07855 503306.

We are looking for new players of all abilities and ambition to develop the strength of the club through all sides. We are particularly keen on attracting quality players who will increase our strength in depth at first and second team level to help us realise our ambitions of returning to the top tier of London rugby as well as going one better at Twickenham in the RFU Intermediate Cup. Contact


1sts v Old Colfeians (h) lost 17 – 22

2nds v

3rds v Guys Hospital (h) won 37 – 21

Fuffs v

Vets v

Blackheath Ladies 1sts v
2nds v


Season cancelled
1sts v
2nds v
3rds v
Fuffs v
Blackheath Ladies 1sts v
Blackheath Ladies 2nds v




Enjoying rugby since 1893

The date of this photo is uncertain, but we do know some of the people in it so it will come from just before the First World War, round about 1912 when we had a pretty strong team. At the time, of course, we were the Old Charltonians.

The captain, holding the ball, is FR (Freddie) Roberts. He played half-back (scrum-half?) for Kent and also represented London against Paris that year. We cannot be completely certain but the player on his right is probably HJ Turpin, who also played for the county.

Roberts survived the war to be captain again in 1919. On his left is Harold Hollis who was in the Kent side that won the County Championship in 1923.
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