For those of you with medium term memories.
A one-off treat of rugby featuring some of our old Bokker friends.
A big crowd is predicted to enjoy a match organised by Mally Stokes (so it’s bound to go well) between a Mal Stokes/Springbok Supporters XV and the Mooseheads.


Returning players including
Witte (Whitey) Aucamp, Lloyd Matchett, Sam McKinney, Grant Parker, Leroi Walton, Jon Ford, Neil Fisher, and M Stokes himself as well as a few current players. The rest will be made up of Whitey’s friends and family who are travelling with him for the World Cup.

They will be playing against the Mooseheads who will feature Archie
Andrews, Steve Bray and Joe Pressney.

There will be 2 celebrity waterboys too.

Wikus Van Heerden, who played for South Africa in the 2007 Rugby World Cup final.
and Trevor Greer, who didn’t.

Looks like a good evening.