Tommy Nightingale’s “fun” and motivational challenge to get the whole club running 100km in eight weeks has escalated into a serious competition among Charlton Park’s elite athletes.

Launched last Tuesday, the challenge has already sparked friendly rivalry and some standout performances.

Topping the distance leader board at close of play Monday, seven days of running done, was Connor, with 78.04km, over three-quarters of the way to the target in just a week. The leader board last night:

  1. Connor 78.04
  2. Greg 64.74
  3. Ian 62.68
  4. Reion 59.64
  5. Chris 56.67

Already this morning that has changed, with Connor (88.05), Greg (69.88) and Reion (66.73) adding more miles and Adam jumping into third place with 64.24.

leader boards

The rapidly changing leader board

Fun 5km runs

Some 24 runners have already reported 5km times with the top 10 running faster than Reion’s time of 25 minutes dead. Many other runners have run 5km but have not reported their times yet. The top 10 times reported for 5km are:

  1. Ben  20:02
  2. Josh M 20:54
  3. Connor  21:09
  4. Lee  21:57
  5. Jamie 22:31
  6. Jake  23:26
  7. Cazza 24:09:00
  8. Tommy  24:21:00
  9. Jack H  24:22:00
  10. Ian  24:22:00

Top 10km times

Some 18 runners have lodged times for 10km with Cazza in fifth place hitting 50 minutes dead. But Cazza will need to shave more than four minutes off that time to overtake the league leader Ben. The top 10 times for 10km are:

  1. Ben  45:44:00
  2. Connor  46:25:00
  3. Josh M 47:23:00
  4. Lee  48:54:00
  5. Cazza 50:00:00
  6. Reion 50:39:00
  7. Jake  51:06:00
  8. Ross  51:12:00
  9. Tommy  52:11:00
  10. Ian  56:10:00

Half-marathon madness

Four runners have also run a half-marathons. Event organiser, Tommy, is promising half-marathon league tables from next week. But there are sub-2-hour times already in.