Charlton Park Team Talk

Where players and club members can make suggestions or ask questions.


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Engage! Photo: JustJackPhotography

We know not everyone wants to come to meetings or speak direct to the committee. And we want to be as open and accessible as we can be, publishing information about the club and how it’s run and why things are done the way they are. And we want to hear from you, the members, whether you have a question, a compliment or suggestions for improvement.

The put-in

Send your suggestions or questions to the club using the form below.

The laws

  1. No abuse
  2. Tell us your name (cannot be anonymous, though names may not be published)
  3. Pay your subs (this is a service for members)
  4. Give us time to respond (we’re volunteers)
  5. Be prepared to contribute to solving the issue you are raising

The referee


The referee’s word is final

All communication will be handled by Whealie – Chris Wheal. I am a longstanding VP, past Fuffs’ captain and one-time London Society referee. I’m also a journalist and editor. Here’s how I will work:

  1. Check you are a member
  2. Get a quick answer if there is one
  3. Respond, clarifying or getting more detail from you, if necessary
  4. Investigate, ask the right person, seek answers/explanations
  5. Come back to you with that information
  6. Mediate/facilitate if required
  7. Agree what should be published and put that on the website
  8. Handle any follow-up comments or points

    Send your message to team talk using this form: