Congratulations to Bear, Dog, Lee, Tom, Knuckey, Sam, Cazza, Will, Jake, Badger, Coady, Beau, Ally, Buscy, Elliott and most importantly Archie, for completing the Snowdon Push yesterday.

Report by A Knuckey Esq.

CPRFC pulled together once again in the closed season for non selfish reasons to raise money for the charity BACK UP by pulling a disabled friend up Mount Snowdon in a wheel chair.
With a mini bus filled with  14 strong(ish) men, 10 tents, 14 sleeping bags, 14 wet suits, 15KG of sandwiches, 28ltrs of water, 1 bottle of sambucca, 60 fosters, 24 strongbow and 32 stella, we set off with high hopes of being completely wasted upon arrival. Nine hours later we arrived at a wet campsite, set up the tents and then headed to the closest pub. (For team bonding reasons). We finally laid our heads around 2am., waking at 6.30 ready to make our way to the bottom of Snowdon. After some questionable WELSH sausage
rolls we attacked the mountain in true CP style. Fast, with no actual plan. After reaching the top of the very steep road that leads you to the bottom and start of the mountain which is now known as Elliot Hill (Elliot decided that enough was enough and set up camp at the bottom ready for our return).
Over the next 2 hours everyone put in a severe shift. None of us could even begin to imagine the struggle or the effort that we were about to put in. The chair was fixed with scaffold poles and ropes allowing all hands on deck. Parts of the mountain were almost vertical and extremely dangerous. The whole team were vocal, needing to talk about different ideas and plans to overcome some severe obstacles. We reached the top of the mountain in 2 and a half hours (the fastest out of 11 teams). We decided that the views were too spectacular for an immediate descent. We soaked up the sun, enjoyed the views and congratulated each other on such a great team effort.
We finally decided that the cold was too much and that we needed to get back under the sun to warm up. (its a very high mountain). We spent the next 2 and a half hours dragging the wheelchair back down- finding it harder coming down than going up. At certain points it was a case of all hold the wheelchair and hope we will eventually stop sliding down. WE also found out that our chair was definitely not designed for coming down. We finally reached the bottom of the mountain  and were greeted at the top of Elliot Hill by Elliot himself still catching his breath from 5 hours ago. JOB DONE.
We then returned  to the campsite (after a stop off at Tesco for some much needed rehydration) ready to party till we dropped. For the next 4 hours we talked about how this was a ONCE in a lifetime experience and that how a simple text message during the summer was enough to keep the team together. THEN came the CPRFC spirit, we were now deciding, on what fancy dress, how to design a better wheel chair and how to get there so everyone can drink – hopefully turning this into an annual club event.
We continued to drink deep into the night, taking the party by storm, keeping it as lively as possible. We also started a game of musical chairs through the middle of the marquee getting everyone involved.
To summarise. The weekend was so much harder and so much more enjoyable than anybody would have thought. We will be putting in a team again next year, hopefully even 2. We raised just over £4000 and had a team bonding weekend that was second to none. So the weekend was a massive success. A huge thank you goes out to Rob Saunderson for arranging everything.