Club members who want to apply for tickets though the club are invited to apply via Dave Parris.

The application should contain name of applicant, match and number of tickets and price range.

In order to ensure the distribution is done fairly final decisions will be made by the committee following the guidelines laid out in the earlier news item (see below).

Application must also contain payment for tickets.

Further information can be obtained from Dave Parris.

News item of 11/08/2016

We are changing the way we allocate tickets for international games.  The Club’s future depends on increasing our income and  on members getting actively involved in playing, administration  or doing the many jobs that are required .  Access to international tickets is one of the few incentives or rewards that we can offer.
In future, when allocating tickets priority will be given to applicants who are either:
• undertaking a role within the club whether playing, administration or some other function, or
• Sponsoring the Club.

We also wish to ensure that all members of the club are aware of the opportunity to apply for tickets.   Announcements will be posted on the website providing information about tickets and giving key deadlines to apply.   Generally, payment for tickets will be required when application is made and refunded if your application is not successful.
The Committee will allocate all tickets in accordance with the criteria set out above and publish the list of recipients on the website, as well as informing applicants.
We would like to hear from you if you wish to get involved or to sponsor the Club.