The RFU have announced that, with the exception of the Premiership and Championship, there will be no RFU competition rugby starting until at least the start of January 2021. If we move to Stage E on the RFU Roadmap (we are currently at stage D) beforehand we could organise our own ‘friendlies’.

No decision about promotion and relegation will be made yet. The government has confirmed that we can continue training under the present protocols. If there are any local lockdowns this may change.

This will not come as a shock but it is still disappointing for us at Charlton Park RFC and Blackheath Ladies, where rugby is our raison d’etre. However, our solid financial and community foundation enables us to be well prepared when leagues and cups do start, and both clubs will be continuing to operate fully. We urge players to keep training and members to keep supporting us and we’ll hit the ground running.