The illegal clearing out of the tackle area is at last being sorted. Two players in the Six Nations were, at the time  much-criticised, given red cards by English referees. This weekend we have had another five in the Premiership. All correct, in my view. They are enforcing a law which other nations’ refs won’t.


The law states that any player clearing out at a ruck must be bound. Players who charge in from a distance and deliberately target a player’s head are reckless and must be sent off. I do not see how Fagerson’s case was mitigated because the targeted player was going for the ball; he spoiled the game – not the ref.


Refs must also enforce the law by penalising the roll (east-west) which could have ended a young player’s career  and any other clear out where the perpetrator is not bound into the ruck.


Time for old-style rucking? Doug? Dave?