Training will start on Tuesday 23rd June.  

  1. Preparing for training. Players should
  • make their own way, and not share a car
  • arrive no more than ten minutes before start of training; gates will not be open before then
  • avoid socialising within 2 metres.
  • come ready changed
  • have their own drink and water bottle
  • park in the car park and come straight to the pitch
  • ensure the club has their contact details
  • only attend if they are not experiencing symptoms of illness or self-isolating
  1. The clubhouse will be closed
  • Apart from toilets. There will be a one-way system, in via the home side and out via away
  • Only two at a time
  • Showers are closed
  • Changing rooms and physio room will not be available
  • There will be no water bottles, and no access to the tap
  • There will be no food or bar access
  1. Training 
  • This will be organised by Mark, Lee and Terry
  • There will be no physical contact
  • Everyone will maintain social distancing rules
  • Any equipment used will be strictly supervised
  • Players must sign up in advance for sessions
  • Further information will follow
  1. After training
  • Players must go straight home, with no socialising