Two good pre-season games yesterday. The firsts had a hard initiation at Blackheath against highly motivated hopefuls vying for National One rugby and the 3rds/4ths welcomed Croydon RFC to Broad Walk.

The general mood was of promise. An influx of new players of all levels has helped to give a renewed sense of vitality after last year. And despite what was looking like a heavy defeat, three unanswered tries in the last quarter certainly buoyed everyone and gave a clearer indication of how we might get some success. And then the firsts were back at the club to support the home game.

But the most important lessons to be learnt from these games is what we have to do. Despite the greatly increased numbers at training we are just not fit or drilled enough yet. Talking to Doug and Alan I suggest there might be a rolling up of sleeves next week.

Right through the club we need you to step up; not halfway through the season but now. Good luck to everyone.