Charlton Park owes a big debt of thanks to Ross and those players who stood in on Sunday to protect the first team for next week, particularly bearing in mind we had a tour away at the beach rugby in Magaluf and it was a Bank Holiday weekend. All 18 who took to the field played above themselves and presented the club with its third trophy of the season with the big one to come. There were many estimates as to the average age of the front row after Sean went off – Trev the Rev, Fee, Nick, Lee Smith, all well north of 50.Unfortunately there were some injuries to players who really should not have played but who, in true club tradition, stepped in when, contrary to tradition, several players dropped out at the last minute. We sincerely hope that we can get Alex, Alfie and Sean fit to take their places next Saturday at Twickenham – they’re all young!.

The team received an unnecessary hammering at the hands of Medway, who were aware of the situation but chose to rub it in. Nevertheless many congratulations to them, and good luck next year back in London One where I am sure they will be pushing for promotion.

Thanks also to members of the firsts and those many spectators who supported the team.