Penalties conceded and a number of cards received in the second half cost Charlton Park dearly as they lost their last league fixture for 2016 against near neighbours Old Colfeians.

Charlton started the match slowly allowing Colfeians to establish momentum. The result of the initial pressure was that Charlton were forced into conceding penalties, three of which were kicked by Colfeians a nine point lead.

Having fallen behind Charlton woke up and began to come back into the match. As the tempo of the increased Charlton started to play to their abilities and drive into the home side’s half. The result of this swing in play saw Charlton beginning to pressurise Colfeians.

It was following a period of pressure that saw Charlton score their first points of the match. With Charlton missing with two penalty kicks they decided to keep the ball in hand and kick for territory.  This tactic saw the score a try by Tshepo Mooki who touched the ball down after a flowing handling move. Colfeians responded with a fourth successful penalty kick.

As halftime approached. Charlton scored the last points of the half when following their forwards taking the ball through a series of play Lee Amzaleg, who had been orchestrating Charlton’s attack, crashed through a high tackle to score Charlton’s second try under the goal posts to aid Alan Knuckey’s successful conversion.  The result of Amzaleg riding the tackle he had to leave the pitch with a broken nose and suffering from concussion necessitating a change of position for some players and the pre-cursor of Charlton’s troubles in the second half.

Having issued a yellow card to Colfeians the referee in the second half started to produce cards like Paul Daniels but worrying for Charlton they were all to Charlton Park players meaning that they had to play much of the second half with reduced numbers and this was the start of their downfall.

Colfeians utilised the differential in numbers effectively and with all the cards issued to Charlton’s forwards and consequently they struggled in tight play. Despite a high tackle count from Charlton the pressure saw Colfeians score two second half tries effectively to put the game out of reach.

To Charlton’s credit, when able, they tried to attack and it was in the dying minutes of the match they were rewarded with the last score of the match. When following being awarded a penalty in their twenty two metre area quick thinking saw the ball being tapped and spread out to the left wing and Reion Raybe accepted the chance created by running the ball sixty metres to score Charlton’s third try.

Charlton won the try-count 3-2  but the penalty count against them and the cards received in the second half cost them dearly and if they hope to get their 2017 off to a winning start they must reduce the number of penalties they concede.

Lee was kept in hospital and has to return for a further operation later this week.