There are times when you just have a bad day. There are other times when they have a great day. Sometimes they collide. The only way to react is to admit to it and move on. I certainly can’t throw around accusations, having in the past played in a 60 point defeat where the winger opposite me scored just six of the tries.

Strangely, sometimes such a defeat is not a cause for doom, gloom and mass despair. Positives – no scapegoats, no heads went down, three superb tries, two for Freddie and one for Tommy Nightingale, a referee who was a credit and enabled the game to flow, admittedly mainly in the wrong direction.

Charlton Park have to look closely and react strongly at how they are going to give themselves a fair share of the ball and keep it; letting a team as well-coached, fluent and controlled as Old Alleynians have 80% of possession is never going to work.

Ex Park player Alex Smith led them with a man-of-the-match performance and every pass and offload stuck. Unfortunately I am not able to compare last week’s hospitality from Beckenham with that received this week.

Big lunch for the visit of some old friends from Folkestone on Saturday. The team would welcome your support.