Dave Munday

It is with great sadness that we have heard that David (Jock) Munday died last week. He played for the club and served on the committee during the 70s and regularly attended recent VP lunches, despite living in Dunfermline.

We received the following email from a friend, David Powell via Phil Thompson.

“Regrettably, I have been reliably informed that David died last week, and I now pass on to you this very sad news.

It is only because David freely used his friends’ names when sending e-mails that I have your address – and I am now sending this message to everyone who appeared in the distribution lists of mail he sent to me (and I haven’t yet deleted). If you can think of anyone else who may be interested in this news, then by all means forward this message on to them.

I regret that I cannot supply any further information about David’s demise – nor about funeral arrangements – because I just don’t know. As I understand it, David left few close relatives, and they are being urgently traced.

If you can add any useful information in this matter – or you might wish to attend the funeral – then please reply to me. I am not authorised to make any representations in this case, and I cannot offer you any further information or advice (except perhaps funeral arrangements), but I am anxious that David’s passing doesn’t go completely unmarked.”


David Powell
Newcastle upon Tyne


(Photo by Phil Thompson)