The Youth section, with the full support of the main club Committee, is run and managed by a dedicated team of people who all volunteer their services for the benefit of the players and the sport of rugby.
Andrew Wiggett is Youth Chairman and along with the youth coaching team works hard to develop the Youth Section and the schools programme in the local community.  In addition to the regular coaches, we look to get as much support as we can from members of the Senior squads to come and help coach and develop skills on a regular basis in particular areas of the game meaning that not only can you improve your skills from qualified coaches but also from players from the senior squads.

Doug Hursey                 All Youth Enquires       07949 295746

Charlton Park RFC      General Enquires             07855 503306

The Youth section relies on volunteers – if you are, or know anyone who is, interested in helping out at the club, please get in touch with us.  Any help, no matter how big or small is appreciated.  If you have a few hours a week spare and would like to get involved in any of the following areas, then please do get in touch with us…

Coaching, refereeing, pitch marshal, touch judges
Social events and fund raising
Administration and database
Safeguarding and compliance
Kitchen and Bar
Anything else!….

Attendance and Communication
The club puts a lot of effort in to arranging the training sessions, the coaches and their training, the wider club facilities and all to ensure that you, the club members, not only have an enjoyable time training and playing at the club, but develop your knowledge and skills in sport as well.  We can only do that if we have a dedicated and committed Youth Section that turn out regularly to training sessions and games. We of course understand that club members have other commitments and interests outside which may mean that they cannot attend each and every session but we ask that if you cannot attend for any reason to contact us to let us know.

In addition to the main club telephone number, the Youth Section has a Facebook page which is used to communicate with players regarding training sessions and games etc. If you are a user of Facebook, please ensure that you join our Facebook page to keep up to date with our communication and use it to communicate with the club. Please remember though that if you are unable to attend a session or more importantly a game you give us as much notice as possible.

Growing the Youth Section
The club’s Youth Section is all about YOU, our players.  Its success and subsequently the success of the wider club as you move through the age groups and up to the senior squads, is all about YOU, our players. We are constantly looking to grow the current squads and indeed are looking at expanding further into younger age groups.  The club advertises for new players and attends at local fetes and festivals to promote the club and get new members, but by far the most effective way to increase numbers is from YOU, our players…

Who of your friends and family would like to try playing your sport?
What about your class mates in school?

Download our A4 Youth Section promotional poster.