RFU Workforce Weekend Sept 5th/6th

This is an ideal opportunity to get down and help with the tidying up. There'll be more information coming but the bar will be open on Saturday to help out. We then hope to get [...]

RFU Workforce Weekend Sept 5th/6th2020-08-05T13:29:14+01:00

Bar open Saturday 1st August

We will be open from 3.00 to 6.00pm. If you are considering coming down for a drink please make sure you arrive before 3.45. Please let us know beforehand by contacting info@charltonpark.org.uk

Bar open Saturday 1st August2020-07-23T23:04:59+01:00

Training photos

Despite the rain there were 30 at training on Thursday, plus another four overseeing, and a couple of dads. Alex ignores Ally's dummy run, under the careful scrutiny of Mark and Connor. Mark and Lee [...]

Training photos2020-07-03T13:03:13+01:00

Training and following of rules has made a good start

Training has started well, with 35 attending on Tuesday and 27 on Thursday. Mark and Lee have organised two great sessions and our Covid restrictions have been followed, not least by those who would have [...]

Training and following of rules has made a good start2020-06-26T10:46:04+01:00

Tony: a message from Pippa

On behalf of all the family, I just wanted to say thank you for all the heartfelt comments that have been posted on the Charlton Park site. This with the number of cards, those that [...]

Tony: a message from Pippa2020-06-18T14:46:46+01:00

Running challenge: the final results

A staggering 32 people completed Tommy Nightingale's challenge to run 100km by the end of May (31 finished in time and one completed it one day late but as he was busy being an NHS [...]

Running challenge: the final results2020-06-05T15:19:39+01:00