The slide rule decides final league positions

The year's winners and losers have been decided by mathematical wizardry. From our league it means that Haywards Heath have been promoted - congratulations to them and commiserations to Colfes, who narrowly missed out, and [...]

The slide rule decides final league positions2020-04-03T18:17:48+01:00

Paying membership

As you will know, much of the club's strong financial position comes from the hiring our of our facilities and of course the hard work of our staff who run these events so efficiently. Without [...]

Paying membership2020-04-02T11:42:37+01:00

We are family

If you are having any difficulties at this time please please don't keep it to yourself. We may be able to help. The club has many and various skills and attributes. Likewise, if you are [...]

We are family2020-03-30T11:45:20+01:00

Respect to our key workers

We are a family at Charlton Park. Some of us are keeping the country going and have to go to work. So, from the rest of us, we love you and what you do. Those [...]

Respect to our key workers2020-03-23T11:04:06+00:00

Closure of bar and gym

We apologise to all members for this. It is to be hoped that it will be short-lived; our bar is at the centre of our club, literally and symbolically, and believe me, when this is [...]

Closure of bar and gym2020-03-20T18:30:46+00:00

RFU message

My thoughts and those of all of us at the RFU are with everyone impacted by COVID-19 as well as recent flooding events, both across the country at large but also within our own rugby [...]

RFU message2020-03-20T10:59:48+00:00

Club Awards Day

This is still planned for Friday April 24th. Put it in your diary.

Club Awards Day2020-03-19T10:30:07+00:00