Vice Presidents are members who have made important contributions to the success of the club.
They are nominated by the committee and approved by vote at annual general meetings.

Vice President’s Lunches 2017/18

First Lunch – 23rd September v Beckenham

The full list of lunches for the coming season is as follows:-

23rd September v Beckenham

4th November v Deal & Betteshanger

16th December v Barking

17th February v Heathfield & Waldron

7th April v Hayward’s Heath

We are very fortunate in that because of the Rodway family, we have an excellent reputation for our lunches. I have to say that we also have a good reputation for hospitality and I would like to build on that and ensure that our lunches are popular with our own supporters and also for our opposition.

Please contact me if you want to book a seat, as it is important to pre-book so we can gauge numbers accurately. These lunches have been very popular in the past so if you can persuade a friend to come along as well they will be more than welcome. I have heard that there are a couple of people who wish to book tablesalready so do not delay in letting me know if you and your guests wish to come.

If you let me have your email address I will send you an invitation and you can pre-book your place. We can supply a vegetarian option, please indicate this preference when you reply for the first VP lunch we would like you at the club from 12.30 for libation, we sit down at 2.00pm.

Dennis Attwood

CPRFC President


Vice Presidents

A Allen
P Apperley
C Arkell
A Barrow
J Beachey
I Beddoe
D Beere
J Beere
R Belcher
WG Black
P Budd
AG Burr
S Burr
M Casizzi
D Chitty
D Collen
R Cook
G Costi
J Cotter
E Cowley
R Cox
S Crebier
R Curwood
F Davey
P Duggan
R Eaglen
J Field
R Foxon
S Foxon
S Francis
T Freak
M Gallimore
T Greer
W Hamel
M Haines
D Hazelton
N Hollier
J Hughes
I Hulse
D Hursey
T Hunt
A Jackson
I Johns
R Kean
W Knight
M Kutner
A Lambert-Williams
P Lambert-Williams
A Lane
F Leach
C Leary
F Louisy
M Markham
T Matthews
A D J McMillan
G W J McMillan
A Miller
D Miller
K Mott
B Morphew
J O’Keeffe
J Oeleke
F Osborne
G Ottley
M Page
D Parris
G Patterson
R Payne
G Parker
A Penfold
K Possnicker
B Pritchard
T Pritchard
K Purchase
A Potts
G Redman
J Reynolds
W Robertson
B Robjohns
D Robjohns
HJ Robjohns
J Rodway
T Rodway
J Rose
D Row
M Rowland
HS Ryle
C Seldon
P Sharp
S Sharp
F Shephard
R Smith
D Springate
M Stokes
P Stump
B Sykes
C Taylor
P Thompson
T Thompson
J Wakeman
LW Wallis
K Walsh
C Wheal
P White
M Woolcombe
C Wooster
FG Williams
K Williams
N Whitter
B Woods
A Wraight
A Young