Charlton Park vice-presidents’ lunches are a legend. Please join us for a slap-up three-course meal with wine before watching our first XV pulverise the opposition on our superb Broadwalk pitch.

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A note about the final VP lunch of the season

7th April v Hayward’s Heath

As many of you will know, the final VP lunch of the season will be held on 7 April. It will mark the club’s 125th year. We hope to have as many as 125 here for lunch (yes it is going to be a squeeze – old forwards will be used to it).

But first a plea: we really want to make this a celebration of those who have worn the red and white shirt of Charlton Park – the rugby players of Charlton Park who played with all their might.

Please, find at least one former player and invite them.

If you were part of a legendary front row, find your old hooker or props and get them down here. Second rows, find your old jumping partner. Back row, see if you can find that missing flanker (that’s not rhyming slang).

If you were half a of a dynamic half-back pairing, find your fellow golden hands. If you were in a set of unstoppable and unbreakable backs, get your fellow centres, wings and fullbacks to join us.

We want as many former players as we can find.

We will also have live entertainment on in the evening so get your family and friends to come along and join us after the match too.

Let me know as early as you can who is coming. We might have to do a bit of wedding reception-style seating planning to get everyone in and old teammates together. Let’s make this a special day.

Whealie (Chris Wheal)

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents are members who have made important contributions to the success of the club.
They are nominated by the committee and approved by vote at annual general meetings.

A Allen
P Apperley
C Arkell
A Barrow
J Beachey
I Beddoe
D Beere
J Beere
R Belcher
WG Black
P Budd
AG Burr
S Burr
M Casizzi
D Chitty
D Collen
R Cook
G Costi
J Cotter
E Cowley
R Cox
S Crebier
R Curwood
F Davey
P Duggan
R Eaglen
J Field
R Foxon
S Foxon
S Francis
T Freak
M Gallimore
T Greer
W Hamel
M Haines
D Hazelton
N Hollier
J Hughes
I Hulse
D Hursey
T Hunt
A Jackson
I Johns
R Kean
W Knight
M Kutner
A Lambert-Williams
P Lambert-Williams
A Lane
F Leach
C Leary
F Louisy
M Markham
T Matthews
A D J McMillan
G W J McMillan
A Miller
D Miller
K Mott
B Morphew
J O’Keeffe
J Oeleke
F Osborne
G Ottley
M Page
D Parris
G Patterson
R Payne
G Parker
A Penfold
K Possnicker
B Pritchard
T Pritchard
K Purchase
A Potts
G Redman
J Reynolds
W Robertson
B Robjohns
D Robjohns
HJ Robjohns
J Rodway
T Rodway
J Rose
D Row
M Rowland
HS Ryle
C Seldon
P Sharp
S Sharp
F Shephard
R Smith
D Springate
M Stokes
P Stump
B Sykes
C Taylor
P Thompson
T Thompson
J Wakeman
LW Wallis
K Walsh
C Wheal
P White
M Woolcombe
C Wooster
FG Williams
K Williams
N Whitter
B Woods
A Wraight
A Young