If you are on one of the club’s Whatsapp groups you will know that on January 3rd Felix and Christine Louisy are at last about to fulfil their long-felt ambition to move to St Lucia.

Fee has been a big, and I mean BIG, part of Charlton Park for many years. He started as a winger, fast and elusive, and then made the move to prop – a rare thing but essential for a man who changed bodyshape from whippet via bulldog to tank. He played for most of the club’s teams but he was a feature of the firsts for many years. When he ‘retired’ he ran the Vets team, leading them to several successes in the Evergreen Cup and Kent Cup.

Fee is one of those few who are emblematic of Charlton Park; his strong charisma and his gentle courtesy made him known and popular throughout the rugby fraternity. As well as playing he contributed hugely to the life, health and security of the club. He helped manage the gym and was a wonderfully genial Father Christmas for many years at the children’s party. Many of us will have very happy memories of him – I remember going on his ‘slightly older person’s’ stag weekend to Cork, a trip which started as the whim of a few and ended, as a testament to his popularity, with about 35 – and laughing for three days.

Thanks Fee for your company. We wish you and Chris a happy time in the West Indies.