Charlton Park RFC has been fortunate that its continued existence has been on the shoulders of a relatively few determined people. Dave Robjohns was one such. He was proud of the club and never failed to tell you. When we played at Twickenham, despite his illness, he was clearly so excited that the little club he had captained in the sixties had at last had the opportunity to perform on the hallowed turf. He was a very strong believer in social fairness and I think he liked the idea that we were a club that disturbed the comfortable RFU status quo.

David was such an enthusiast – whatever he did he did it with commitment and drive, qualities he took into the game as an underweight second row forward. He was fitter than most and had a real winning mentality hidden under an innocuous surface. At one stage during a game I remember him politely but bluntly telling an incompetent referee that he was ‘making it up’. He was a thoughtful captain who took his captaincy as seriously as he took everything else in life and would give attention to the small things that made the club and the team tick. He was a very engaging, sociable man who enjoyed a good pint or several, had an infectious humour and he could act as childishly as the rest of us given the chance, but really he was far too sensible for Charlton Park.

As well as his three years of first team captaincy (1967-70) Dave captained lower teams and served on the committee for some time. Befitting the accountant he was he was meticulous in everything, including the creativity of the club’s accounts. When he became ill he was for some time in a bed in hospital alongside Calvin without either of them knowing their shared history.

He was the middle of three athletic brothers who, along with Barry Pritchard, formed the cornerstone of the club as we moved from being a pub team to serious contenders. He encapsulated the club motto. He was a man to remember and celebrate.