Sugar is bad for our health and we are consuming too much of it, particularly in the form of so-called health drinks. It is leading to higher rates of tooth-decay, obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. Sugar Smart Greenwich is a local campaign which fits with our status as one of the Borough’s leading sports clubs. Each organisation signing up is asked to give three pledges and to tell its members and users that we are implementing a Sugar Smart policy


We are proud to say we believe we are the first rugby club in the country to have signed up, working with Charlton Athletic, Greenwich University and local businesses, schools and hospitals to promote healthier, lower- sugar alternatives and limit less-healthy choices.

Our pledges are

Pledge 1          Ensure that jugs of water are available before, during and after youth and senior rugby, gym, squash and judo sessions

Pledge 2          Remove all adverts for high sugar items and ensure that no new adverts are put up

Pledge 3          Add the 10p levy to the price on non-diet soft drinks

Follow the message and pass it on.