Charlton Park RFC Covid Risk Assessment Post July 19th.

We have no legal requirement to impose any of the previous limits on ourselves as a venue.

However, we do have a requirement under H&S legislation to have completed risk assessments for all activities and to have considered appropriate measures to protect staff and visitors.


Overview. General risk from contamination. Continued regular cleaning, sanitiser available at entrance, on bar and in toilets, reminders about social distancing available. Wearing a mask and logging in to NHS App optional.

Outside spaces. Risk from shared equipment. Cleaning of equipment likely to be used by others ie for training.

Changing rooms and showers. Risk from lack of ventilation. Limit time and numbers

Bar. Risks. Lack of ventilation. Overcrowding, particularly at the bar. This is the area where likelihood of passing on covid is highest.  Limit numbers at the bar. No-one to sit/stand at the bar. Only one person at a time ordering.  All doors open.

Main hall. Better ventilation. Doors should be open at all times. Numbers still limited. Table service to avoid large numbers gathering in the bar.

Kitchen. No risk but numbers limited to those required to be there.

Toilets. No risk. Hand sanitiser and washing facilities still available.

Gym and squash court. Risk of shared equipment. Small risk due to lack of ventilation and numbers in confined spaces. Regular cleaning by gym users. Cleaning equipment available. Maximum in gym at present 10. Time limited

General actions

  • A note should be put on the website asking people not to come to the club if they have symptoms or are isolating.
  • We continue to display QR codes for people to scan.
  • We should not log details of visitors or ask people to carry on wearing face masks when moving around.  It is not feasible when we have lots of people at the club.
  • We should where possible keep ventilation routes as open as possible (not easy) and maintain a regular, thorough cleaning regime, such as wiping down surfaces other than fire doors.
  • If bar staff or others want to wear face masks they should be allowed to.
  • All hirers of the club should be sent a ‘contract’ where they agree to our requirements. We make clear to the organisers that we are not required to maintain their details but recommend they also advise their guests that if they have symptoms they must get a negative test. If the test is positive they must not attend.
  • This information when agreed should be publicised on the website and club social media.

Andy Potts