Park storm home at Broadwalk-on-Sea

If there were a statistician huddled into a sheltered corner of storm-lashed/freezing/sun-bathed Broad Walk on Saturday they would have probably decided from their bedraggled notes that Crowborough just came out ahead in terms of possession and well ahead in territory. This imbalance was exaggerated further by the home side’s tendency to being penalised for offside and infringements around the ruck. Nevertheless, as the saying sort of goes, statistics are not what decides the game.

In conditions which certainly encouraged neither open rugby nor even selfless defence, Charlton Park excelled in both to inflict a slightly flattering bonus point win over their friends from Sussex. Four unanswered tries, two in each half – each a little gem of offloading – and the restriction of the visitors to a single penalty goal – all made up what for Park was a highly satisfactory performance. Basically it came down to ‘support each other and tackle low’.

Fears that the pitch might be too wet were soon dispelled; it was the Siberian climatic conditions that could have had the greatest effect on the game, and it is to the credit of both teams that they put on a performance that interested both sets of supporters (and there was a healthy attendance from the visitors) enough to withstand possible frost-bite to stay outside and watch.

Raybe of sunshine