In a match that, for periods of play, struggled to have any continuity Charlton Park emerged as winners over local neighbours Old Colfeians although taking the pitch without a recognised goal kicker almost cost them dearly.

From the onset of the match the opening exchanges saw errors being made by both sides and play was scrappy although Charlton’s forwards began to gain set up various phase of play that would serve later in the match including deriving and scrimmaging. Also, with Will Robertson making his return to league action, Charlton’s backs made several good breaks.

Despite Charlton marginally gaining the upper the upper hand it was Colfeians that had the first opportunity to open the scoring when they were awarded a penalty, but luckily for Charlton the ball drifted wide of the goal posts.

Charlton continued to press but they were prone to make errors thereby negating any advantage gained. Although under pressure Colfeians when they had possession they tried to move the ball at speed although in common with Charlton they also made errors.

It was Charlton who were the first of the two teams to put together a sustained period of pressure when following them turning the ball over at a line out they worked their way into the Colfeians half and were rewarded with a penalty which they then squandered when the resulting kick missed the goal posts.

Charlton’s forward play was to created Charlton’s opening score of the match when following a scrum good interplay orchestrated by Robertson lead to the handling move being finished off in style by winger Reion Rabye whose try was the opening score of the match. In the closing minutes of the match Charlton were awarded, following a thirty metre rolling maul, a kickable penalty but once again despite a change of kicker the opportunity was not taken.

Following a general “gee-up” at half time Charlton took the field for the second half with more purpose and following a further period of play squandered a third penalty opportunity. Having seen them miss thirteen kickable points Charlton continued to press and wing Kenny Molekoa made a fine break but was unfortunate to have been deemed to have put a foot into touch when he was into open space.

Once again it was Charlton’s forwards who created Charlton’s second try when following the award of yet another penalty they kicked for field position and from the lineout set up a drive before releasing the ball to the backs and full back Tom Coad scored the try between the goal posts and it was with some relief that Lee Amzaleg made Charlton’s first successful kick.

Charlton continued to press and it was once again their forwards who created and scored Charlton’s third try. Charlton being awarded a five metre scrum on their first attempted to score a try they were adjudged to have been held up over the goal line but they utilised their second opportunity well as number eight forward Luke Boyns picked up the ball and pirouetted over the try line to touch the ball down for a try which Amzaleg converted.

A moment of inattention from the restart cost Charlton dearly as they gave away a penalty and quick thinking from Colfeians take a quick tap and they were rewarded with a consolation try.

With time running out and requiring on more try to gain a bonus point Charlton began to run the ball with great purpose but were not able to score being thwarted by solid defence from Colfeians.

By Roe Belcher

Colfeians view of the match

These yellow cards can’t keep happening to us!

Ignoring the smaller South London derby of Charlton v Millwall, the real fans flocked to Broad Walk for the local clash of two old rivals. With both teams winning on the opening day someone was gonna be disappointed, that is unless it was a draw!

Well, it’s only week 2, and Colfe’s were already forced into late changes due to illness. Dave Williamson coming in at 12 for Ollie, who had the 2 bob bits.  I’m surprised Dave didn’t have them as well as he had celebrated his call up by being out on the liquor late into Friday night!

The game kicked off in front of a large crowd and on a pitch that looked like it hadn’t been mown since we played there in August. It made the going tough, so tough in fact that in rugby terms the whole half came and went without a great deal of action. It must be said, Charlton Park had the majority share of the ball. In true CP tradition they had a lot of big forwards who kept it tight and just starved the Old Boys of any decent possession. Charlie Clay was yellow carded on 35mins which didn’t help proceedings. On the stroke of half time, Colfes conceded a score to Charlton Park’s speedy winger (I’m sure I could have handled him Tim if you need me for the return fixture) to enter the break 5-0 down.

The game still looked more than winnable, but no sooner had Charlie come back on following his fag break, Alan Bateson and Chris Finch (bloody good rep) also both saw yellow taking us down to 13. Charlton Park also lost 1 to the bin, but the extra man was still enough to concede a 7 pointer for a 12 point deficit. This was soon followed by a try from a rolling maul, and realistically at 19-0 down with 12 mins to play, the game was over. However not to be disheartened, the Old Boys didn’t give up, and following pretty much our first passage of a play in the fixture, Andy O’Malley broke the line to give the scoring pass to Sam PH who went over near the right hand touchline. Potts this week, failing with the boot. Full time came then and Colfes had lost on the road 19-5. An instantly forgettable game for both sides.

We shouldn’t at all be downbeat, as this looks like it is going to be one very close league with everyone beating everyone. However with 5 yellow cards in 2 games Colfes need to remember, to win our share of games, it would help us if we had 15 players, just as the laws state.