Club revised covid risk assessment

Charlton Park RFC Covid Risk Assessment Post July 19th. We have no legal requirement to impose any of the previous limits on ourselves as a venue. However, we do have a requirement under H&S legislation [...]

Club revised covid risk assessment2021-07-24T13:03:50+01:00

Bob Jenkins – Bristol Bears website

The following comes from the Bristol Bears website. Mark Hoskins writes POSTED TUESDAY, JULY 13TH 2021@ OBITUARY: BOB JENKINS Bristol Bears regret to announce that former player Bob Jenkins died in May following an 18-month battle [...]

Bob Jenkins – Bristol Bears website2021-07-13T21:41:01+01:00

Arrangements for Friday’s Awards Evening

Timetable The club will open at 5.00pm and close at 12.00. Awards will take place at about 6.30pm Hog Roast at 7.30 ish   Please let us know of your attendance in advance so we [...]

Arrangements for Friday’s Awards Evening2020-09-02T09:41:09+01:00

Bar open Saturday 1st August

We will be open from 3.00 to 6.00pm. If you are considering coming down for a drink please make sure you arrive before 3.45. Please let us know beforehand by contacting

Bar open Saturday 1st August2020-07-23T23:04:59+01:00

Running challenge: the final results

A staggering 32 people completed Tommy Nightingale's challenge to run 100km by the end of May (31 finished in time and one completed it one day late but as he was busy being an NHS [...]

Running challenge: the final results2020-06-05T15:19:39+01:00

100km challenge update

After four weeks of running, the club now has 19 finishers - they have all run at least 100km. Riz became the 19th to succeed on the 30th day of the challenge. In classic Charlton [...]

100km challenge update2020-05-14T17:51:42+01:00

The 100km challenge week 2 scores

Early in only the second week of an eight-week challenge to run 100km, Connor became the first elite athlete to reach the mileage target. He did it on day nine. On day 12, three other [...]

The 100km challenge week 2 scores2020-04-28T17:20:43+01:00

The 100km run challenge, week 1 league tables

Tommy Nightingale's "fun" and motivational challenge to get the whole club running 100km in eight weeks has escalated into a serious competition among Charlton Park's elite athletes. Launched last Tuesday, the challenge has already sparked [...]

The 100km run challenge, week 1 league tables2020-04-21T16:05:35+01:00

Join the club’s run 100km in eight weeks challenge

Tommy Nightingale has launched a club challenge to get everyone running at least 100km over eight weeks. And with just five days gone, several are already halfway there (it's eight weeks - not eight days [...]

Join the club’s run 100km in eight weeks challenge2020-04-18T16:29:31+01:00

Leap Year special: VP lunch on 29 Feb

The next home game will be our VP Lunch on 29 February when we welcome Crowborough. I need numbers as early as possible so do let me know. The menu will be chicken and chorizo, [...]

Leap Year special: VP lunch on 29 Feb2020-02-20T14:22:24+00:00