Charlton Park 25 : 19 Old Colfeians

Fly-half Rio Cooper's two late penalties pushed Charlton Park to a narrow win over their rivals from just down the road to end the first half of season slightly in credit in wins and losses. [...]

Charlton Park 25 : 19 Old Colfeians2020-02-12T15:38:34+00:00

Dover 24 : 38 Charlton Park

After last week's backs-fest, such is the Charlton Park way that four of them were unavailable this week. Fortunately the return of the front row more than compensated. The Charlton Park forwards dominated the Dover [...]

Dover 24 : 38 Charlton Park2020-02-12T15:38:34+00:00

Charlton Park 88 : 12 Barking

Charlton Park followed their Christmas lunch with a big win over Barking which sends them back up to third in the league for the New Year. This reflects great credit on Bear and the players [...]

Charlton Park 88 : 12 Barking2020-02-12T15:38:39+00:00

Haywards Heath 22 : 5 Charlton Park

On a sticky pitch Charlton Park came unstuck against a revved-up Haywards Heath side on Saturday, but weakened by gaps in key positions the team cannot be anything but praised for the commitment they showed. [...]

Haywards Heath 22 : 5 Charlton Park2020-02-12T15:38:39+00:00

Hove 22 : 3 Charlton Park

"A bad day at the office" was a player's reaction to this ultimately heavy defeat for Charlton Park on Saturday. It was, but it does not give enough to a fine display from the home [...]

Hove 22 : 3 Charlton Park2020-02-12T15:38:39+00:00

Charlton Park 42:18 Deal & Betteshanger

After last week's golden autumn this was the beginning of winter. The floodlights were on from the beginning and there was a definite air of gloom about despite the efforts of both sides. In the [...]

Charlton Park 42:18 Deal & Betteshanger2020-02-12T15:38:40+00:00

Heathfield & Waldron 20 : 54 Charlton Park

Sussex was at its most welcoming on Saturday; the sun, blue sky and massed autumnal colours, a lovely lunch and welcome from the hosts, and then a thumping win for the visitors. Heathfield and Waldron [...]

Heathfield & Waldron 20 : 54 Charlton Park2020-02-12T15:38:40+00:00

Charlton Park 25 : 8 Horsham

After the game Coach Lee Amzaleg expressed satisfaction at the way Charlton Park managed to create try-scoring opportunities, but many watchers may also feel that the litany of chances that went begging in the first [...]

Charlton Park 25 : 8 Horsham2020-02-12T15:38:40+00:00

Charlton Park 30:12 Old Reigatian

Unlike, it seems, most of our league fellow-compatriots, Charlton Park has always enjoyed the cup, and not only because of the opportunity it gives to sample playing at HQ. Closeted in the world of leagues [...]

Charlton Park 30:12 Old Reigatian2020-02-12T15:38:40+00:00