We are sorry to announce the passing of much loved club stalwart Brian Robjohns following illness. Along with brothers Dave and Henry, Brian was a mainstay of the club throughout the sixties and seventies as well as representing Kent.

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Brian’s funeral will take place on Friday 12th December at 1.15pm at Eltham Crematorium and then at the Conservative Club, Picardy Road Upper Belvedere.


Mike Page has sent on a few Facebook comments. If anyone would like their memories of Brian published here please send to Mike or straight to me (secretary@charltonpark.org.uk). I personally have very fond memories:  the true clubman, centre or prop, wherever … engaging, enthusiastic, loyal and fun. They do not make Brians any more!        Andy Potts

Bryan was one of the most welcoming of players when I joined the club in 1970. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone, and he was always ready with a joke and a laugh in the Plume of Feathers in Greenwich, where we used to drink. I joined when he was probably past his best, but he never complained about being in the 2nd team, and always gave 110% when he was called up to the 1sts. He stayed pretty fit, as well.           John Beresford.

Have just opened the CPRFC web site and read about the death of Brian Robjohns. That is sad news. I think Dave would remember me as he was Skipper in my time. Could you pass on my sympathy to them both. I remember him as a loyal and intensely proud person to put on the red and white shirt.       Dave Brock

Over the summer preceding my first year as captain we were extremely short of props. I had tried everything but turned to Brian,then in his late thirties asked whether he could fill in. Typical of the man’s  never ending enthusiasm he agreed to play tight head, knowing that when the regular props returned he would be dropped. Our opening fixture was v Gravesend and then they were one of our strongest opponents with a renowned front five. We got stuffed in the scrums but not in the match overall and Brian kept busting a gut and was still smiling at the end. I was eternally grateful. He was the epitome of an enthusiast.               Doug Springate

Brian was one of the characters that had kept the club going in the sixties prior to the influx of players in the late sixties and early seventies from Avery Hill college. He was a fanatical Charlton Park man with the belief that if it looked difficult he would just try harder to succeed, he was extremely fit and put a lot of people to shame with his dedication to fitness training. That certainly  included me and almost everyone else in the club , with the possible exception of his two brothers David and Henry. As Andy Potts said they do not make ‘Brians’ anymore, but we will all remember him with affection and our membership owes him our gratitude for his honest dedication to Charlton Park.               Dennis Attwood

Such sad news. Brian was blessed with boundless enthusiasm that he always channeled into his training, his commitment on the pitch & his post match conduct. He was the epitome of a true club & team man who would do anything that he could for the Club & his team mates. He was also totally respectful of the opposition & recognised their qualities as well as those of his own colleagues.  The last years of the Club at Hornfair & the early days of Pippen Hall are indelibly linked to the Robjohns dynasty & Brian was in integral part of all that was good about the Club. It was a pleasure & an honour to play with him. Deepest condolences to his family.        Mike Uglow

Brian was an incredible person and his commitment to Charlton Park, the club he loved so much, was truly amazing. It was a privilege and a pleasure to have known him; he will be sadly missed.         Pete Charles

A sad loss. A good club man…and just a nice bloke.        Andrew Jackson

Hey Mike thanks for the news. Brian was a Charlton Park man through and through.    Joe Pare.

Oh, no! Such a fantastic bloke.  He was there when we first started at CPRFC and was such an influential figure.  Good fun, great rugby player and had boundless energy and enthusiasm.      Malcolm Gill.

Thanks Mick.  Another good one gone. Xx        Jan Beere.

Yep – so true.  Met Brian on my first CP training session in Greenwich Park in 1970.  Great Bloke.      Mike Page.

RIP Brian – bless him! Xx       Janet Foxon.

A true clubman and a gentleman to boot.  RIP        Paul Lambert-Williams.

As always, CPRFC forever.      Liz Foxon.

A legend in the true sense, respect.       Felix Louisy.

Such sad news.  He always gave his all in every game he played.  RIP Brian.         David Collen.

Such sad news.  Always had a lot of time for Brian.  He looked after us youngsters back in the day.  RIP Gone but not forgotten.        Richard Cox.