A major theme that went through the acceptance speeches by the award winners at Saturday night’s do was how the family of the club had welcomed them and accepted them. Jamie Currier, Jeremy Montes (I think that’s what he said – it was in French), Mark Harlow-Singh and Reion Raybe all acknowledged that it was an atmosphere unique to Charlton Park.

Doug Hursey, in introducing the Dave Beere Cup for player of the year, spoke about how those values were so much a part of Dave’s tragically short time with us and he and captain Rob Saunderson reminded present players of the importance of giving a good welcome to all new members. Rob, who did his speech in a union jack mini-dress after a bet lost, compared how he had felt at the end of last season. In a year when we won four trophies, getting to Twickenham last week put the icing on the cake and generated a desire to do it again next year.

.Award winners were

4ths  Jack Dean; 3rds Jamie Currier; 2nds Matt Peters; Man Most Likely to Perry Veness; Steve Hardcastle Award Lee Amzaleg; 1st team coach’s award Jeremy Montes; 1st team players’ player Mark Harlow-Singh; Dave Beere Cup Reion Raybe

Many thanks to Alan Knuckey and Vicky Hardcastle for their organisation of a great evening, and to Pauline Harding and bar staff and Doug Conder and kitchen staff.

And finally many thanks to Doug Hursey, whose drive and benign dictatorship has driven us forward.