Saturday the 25th June, we are looking at all meeting up the club to spend a few hours helping to have a big tidy up / clearance at the club. Please arrive at 8am. We’ll then be watching the England game, and then having a small meeting after the game regarding the up coming season, new roles, training and what we are looking to achieve. This is for ALL players and supporting members from the 1st team to the 4th team. Please can everyone make a big effort to get there and drag fellow players and friends along so we can start the season as a strong social club. After the meeting we will be having a BBQ and using the bar in true Charlton park fashion. Followed by a birthday party for one of our most loved members. Bernard “BJ” Bridges. Let’s use the 25th as a stepping stone to building a great season!

The England game kicks off at 11am.