This being our 125th year, there have been some members who have been badgering me about adding some chapters to ‘Half Truths’, the club’s Centenary History. Unfortunately, or maybe quite fortunately, I haven’t got the time, but I thought I’d send out a few stories from our past on the website news to help celebrate the occasion.

One part of this is a remembrance of some of the more famous club members. If you would like to contribute I would welcome your suggestions.

To start with, a small dip back 67 years, to the dark days of January 1951. The club has nearly folded on several occasions, but no more so than after the war when we had a playing membership of 22. Club Secretary Charlie Robinson (more of him at another time) decreed that we would nevertheless put out two teams each Saturday. He sent a letter expecting the ‘fullest co-operation from playing members’.

During the first game Charlie would stand on the touchline organising the team for the match to follow. There were few changes. Happy days.