After four weeks of running, the club now has 19 finishers – they have all run at least 100km. Riz became the 19th to succeed on the 30th day of the challenge.

In classic Charlton Park style, competitors have also noticed that run organiser, Tommy, Nightingale, told everyone it was an eight-week challenge but has set the closing date as the end of May, knocking a few crucial days off. Several more runners are close to completing and will do before the revised closing date.

Some of those who completed the challenge are still running. The Nike Run Club app has a platinum badge for those who run 160km in a calendar month. Some who have yet to run a half-marathon are saying they will before the month ends. And there’s always a personal best to notch up.


  1. Connor 8d 13h 26m
  2. Ian 11d 7h 41m
  3. Greg 11d 9h 34m
  4. Reion 11d 11h 6m
  5. Chris 13d 7h 32m
  6. Ben 14d 16h 9m
  7. Josh 14d 17h 49m
  8. Tommy 15d 13h 46m
  9. Rob 16d 11h 30m
  10. Jake 16d 11h 53m
  11. Callum 18d 16h 1m
  12. Ross 19d 8h 18m
  13. Richard 20d 14h 5m
  14. Beau 21d 17h 51m
  15. Trevor 21d 22h 9m
  16. Alistair 22d 8h 5m
  17. Lee 23d 12h 2m
  18. Russell 24d 11h 53m
  19. Riz 29d, 9h 10m

And look who is coming up close behind them:


Fastest times

Competition for the fastest times has also increased with some outstanding running. While many are competing with each other for the top prizes, even for the slower guys there is a lot of support for hitting personal bests.

Hottest 1km

The 1km league table now has 27 entrants. The top ten look like this:

  1. Bear 2:35
  2. Josh 3:37
  3. Ben 3:48
  4. Connor 3:54
  5. Lee 3:57
  6. Jake 3:57
  7. Jamie 4:01
  8. James 4:01
  9. Cazza 4:07
  10. Tommy 4:07

Fastest 5km

The 5km league table now has 31 runners submitting times. the top ten are

  1. Ben 20:02
  2. Connor 20:19
  3. Josh M 20:54
  4. Jack H 21:52
  5. Paul 21:52
  6. Lee 21:56
  7. Cazza 21:57
  8. Jamie 22:31
  9. Jake 22:43
  10. James 23:49

The 10km challenge

There are now 27 runners submitting times for 10km runs. The fastest are:

  1. Ben 45:01
  2. Paul 45:19
  3. Connor 45:56
  4. Josh M 47:23
  5. Cazza 47:37
  6. Lee 48:54
  7. Jake 49:26
  8. Jack H 49:55
  9. Reion 50:39
  10. Ross 51:12

It has a been a huge team effort with players and supporters of all ages and abilities cheering each other on. Deeds not words.